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Urge Key Legislators to Support Florida’s Economic Development Programs

“Your opinion matters…it’s important your elected officials hear from you now, more than ever.”

–  David Hart, Florida Chamber Executive Vice President

The Florida Legislature is poised to start finalizing the budget as early as tomorrow morning. Contact these six key legislators to advocate your support for Florida’s economic development programs. This includes fully funding the economic development toolkit, funding $20 million to market Florida’s business climate across the country, and $1 million for international business start-up programs.

Florida’s Economic Toolkit

The economic toolkit funds all competitive incentives and is used to attract and retain businesses in Florida in several high-wage, high-skilled industries. These incentives include the Quick Action Closing Fund, the Capital Investment Tax Credit, the Brownfields Tax Credit, and others.

Why Does It Matter?

These incentives give Florida a competitive advantage when targeting businesses to our state, or preventing existing businesses from leaving our state. Now is the time to ask the Florida Legislature to fully fund Florida’s economic development toolkit to keep Florida competitive.

Marketing Florida’s Business Climate

Florida currently spends $0 telling Florida’s success story to businesses in other states, while California spends $50 million and New York is in the middle of a $200 million ad campaign. Now is the ideal time to urge key lawmakers in your region to invest $20 million to “Market Florida.”

Why Does It Matter?

Growing Florida’s economy means attracting innovate and diverse businesses to Florida- which helps create jobs and opportunities.

Enterprise Florida’s International Program

EFI’s international program helps small and medium-sized businesses enter or expand into the international market through training and grants. At the conclusion of the regular session, the Florida House had increased EFI’s international program by $1 million. The Florida Chamber needs your help to request the Florida Senate match the House’s budget.

Why Does It Matter?

Two out of three businesses in Florida are small businesses and out of the more than 60,000 Florida exporters, 95 percent are small to mid-sized businesses.

Take Action Now

Contact these key legislators and advocate your support for Florida’s economic development programs.


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