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Autonomous Florida

Now is the time to prepare Florida for the next generation of transportation — autonomous vehicles.
With its favorable regulatory climate and more than 116 million annual visitors, Florida is uniquely prepared to be at the cutting edge of this revolution. The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Autonomous Florida program brings together businesses, industry experts, and policymakers to secure Florida’s autonomous future. The Florida Chamber’s Autonomous Florida is dedicated to focusing and unifying the business community’s voice to ensure that Florida becomes the autonomous vehicle capital of North America.

Business Rent Tax Coalition

Support our local businesses by supporting a cut to the Business Rent Tax
Florida is the ONLY state in the country that charges job creators a tax on their rent. Local Florida businesses pay $1.7 billion in rent taxes every year. That’s $1.7 billion that could be used for creating jobs, investing in new technology, or providing new employee benefits. Coalescing around a common goal of making Florida’s business climate more competitive, small businesses, job creators and business groups, known as the Business Rent Tax Coalition, are collectively advocating for a one percent business rent tax cut.

Consumer Protection Coalition

Stop AOB Scams on Florida Homeowners
The Consumer Protection Coalition is a broad-based group of business leaders, consumer advocates, real estate agents, construction contractors, insurance agents and insurance trade groups pushing for reforms to end Assignment of Benefits (AOB) abuse. Learn more about the Coalition at www.FightFraud.Today, follow the Coalition on Twitter @CPC_FL and “like” our page at

Infrastructure Coalition

Accelerating Florida Forward
As the third most populous state, and with 26 million people expected to call Florida home by 2030, a growing Florida means a growing need for infrastructure to support our increasing population and increasing visitors. The Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition is focused on creating long-term investments in Florida’s energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, and agriculture infrastructure. With Washington, D.C.’s renewed focus on infrastructure, the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition aims to maximize Florida’s economic growth opportunities. And at the state level, double down on efforts to prepare for Florida’s growing population through infrastructure investments.

Workers’ Compensation Task Force

The Florida Chamber of Commerce and its Workers’ Compensation Task Force have led the fight to lower workers’ comp rates by nearly 60 percent since 2003. A 2016 Florida Supreme Court decision forced rates to increase by double digits and is undoing the work the Florida Chamber’s Workers’ Comp Task Force has done the last 14 years. The latest fight for the Workers’ Compensation Task Force is to work toward a legislative solution to the Florida Supreme Court decisions in Castellanos v. Next Door Company and Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg. It is imperative that our business community join together to create a solution that bring certainty back to employers and workers.

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