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The Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition is focused on creating long-term investments in Florida’s energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, and rural infrastructure. With Washington, D.C.’s renewed focus on infrastructure, the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition aims to maximize Florida’s economic growth opportunities. And at the state level, double down on efforts to prepare for Florida’s growing population through infrastructure investments.

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With 25.5 million people expected to call Florida home by 2030, a growing Florida means a growing need for infrastructure to support our economic growth and increasing number of residents and visitors. This growth will be a future challenge or opportunity depending on the policies and investments advanced today. Following the passage of the $65 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition aims to ensure that Florida maximizes the monetary opportunities to support Florida’s growing economy and population. At the state level, the Infrastructure Coalition promotes forward-thinking and science-based policies and investments in Florida’s infrastructure to keep Florida competitive and connected.

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Following the strategic direction of the Florida 2030 Blueprint’s Six Pillars Framework™, the Florida Trade & Logistics 2030 Study (TL2030) is a follow-up research effort to the Florida Chamber Foundation’s previous research focusing on securing Florida’s infrastructure for smart growth and development. The third study in its series – following Florida Trade and Logistics (2010) and Made for Trade: Trade and Logistics 2.0 (2013) – TL2030 highlights the importance of trade, logistics, export-oriented manufacturing, and rural economic development in making Florida a top 10 global economy by 2030. The Florida Chamber Foundation encourages Florida businesses, economic development groups, local chambers and lawmakers to leverage this study to inform policy and economic strategies over the next decade to ensure Florida remains globally competitive and continues to move the needle on its economic growth.

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