The Florida Gap Map

The Nation’s First Root Cause Analysis Tool Aimed at Supporting Florida Leaders in Securing the Path to Prosperity in Every Florida Zip Code

By harnessing the power of the Florida Gap Map, Florida’s business leaders, non-profit administrators, and policymakers will be able to tailor efforts to ensure specific resources are deployed to match the unique barriers to opportunity present in each of Florida’s 983 zip codes. 

In addition to shining a light on concentrations of childhood poverty at the zip code level and third-grade reading proficiency at the school level, this data visualization and analysis tool helps users identify the root cause challenges Florida’s children and families face that ultimately impact Florida’s workplace and economy. 

Explore the Florida Gap Map below to learn more about the opportunities that exist to secure the path to prosperity in your neighborhood.
 Note: The Map is best viewed on a desktop.

– Use the 3 dashboards (Gap Map, Zip Code and Root Cause, 3rd Grade Reading Table) below to determine your preferred view.

– Use the filters (ex. County, Zip and Opportunity Metrics in the Gap Map dashboard) drop down menus to refine your view.

– Hover over the map to view selected parameters. 


Implementing Change in Your Community

Help us put boots to the ground by joining the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative (FLEOO), America’s first comprehensive Chamber-led strategy to cut childhood poverty in half, ensure all third graders are reading at grade-level, and champion diversity, equity, and inclusiveness in the workplace.

To learn more about FLEOO, click here.

Florida 2030 Goal Leader: 100 % of Children are Ready to begin Kindergarten

Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project Partner


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Florida Department of Education
United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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Florida Department of Corrections

*Data displayed on this dashboard may be missing for certain zip codes or geographic regions due to sourcing limitations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Florida Chamber Foundation team at

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