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Exploring 3rd Grade Reading Levels in Your Schools

Children entering third grade this year will be preparing to graduate from high school in 2030. To ensure they are prepared for an increasingly complex workforce, they must have a strong foundation. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project has been working to promote the importance of quality early learning and raise awareness among business leaders. Preparing children for school begins long before they enter the classroom which is why Florida’s Kindergarten Readiness and 3rd Grade Reading Scores are such vital metrics on

A child’s future success may also be impacted by where they live. Research shows many students living in high poverty areas have fewer resources and may perform at lower academic levels than children living in higher socioeconomic income areas. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida Prosperity Project is uniting business leaders behind the effort to create equity of opportunity and end generational poverty in Florida one zip code at a time.

The Florida Gap Map brings together the important work of the Florida Prosperity Project and the Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning Project. This online tool gives business and community leaders throughout Florida important information on the schools in their community.

The Florida Gap Map provides the poverty rate for children under 18 and under 12 in each zip code and identifies the public elementary schools in each zip code. The Florida Gap Map also shows the *Department of Education Florida Standards Assessments for the 2018-19 school year, identifying how many children at each school were not able to pass the 3rd Grade Reading Assessment with a Level 3 or higher.

Visit the Gap Map below to learn more about your community.

Watch the videos below to hear about the Florida Gap Map from a few members of the Business Alliance for Early Learning Project Steering Committee, and to view a brief overview of the Gap Map features.

We want to put a focus on what we can do at the school level, the zip code level and the community level to help our kids. We can change the trajectory of what’s going to happen in these kids’ lives.

Mark Wilson
President & CEO
Florida Chamber of Commerce


How Can You Get Involved?

•  Learn more about the children who are struggling in your community by using the Florida Gap Map below.
•  Join the Florida Prosperity Project and find out who the zip code leaders are in your community. To learn about additional opportunities, contact Kyle Baltuch –
•  Join the Florida Business Alliance for Early Learning and help raise awareness about how important a child’s earliest years are to their future success.
• Help Secure Florida’s Future by supporting the efforts of the Florida Chamber Foundation. To learn more, contact Aaron Kinnon –

How to use the Florida Gap Map

– Use the 3 buttons below to determine your preferred view.

– Use the Filter by County drop down menu on the right to show your county.

– Hover over the map to see the number of children living in poverty. (Source: 2020 American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau)

– Using your mouse, hover over the small circles to see the individual school in that zip code and the number of children not reading at 3rd grade level (Level 1 and 2 on the 2020-2021 FSA).

– The Third Grade Reading Score displayed on the map and in the table below is the percentage of students who achieved Level 3 or above in the 3rd Grade Reading Florida Standards Assessment.

* The Florida Department of Education administers the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) which includes 3rd Grade English Language Arts (Reading). Students who complete the assessments with a Level 3, 4 or 5 are broadly considered on track in reading. Students who complete the assessment with a Level 1 or 2 are not reading at grade level and may need additional support or assistance.

Florida 2030 Goal Leader: 100 % of Children are Ready to begin Kindergarten

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