Florida Chamber of Commerce Speakers Bureau

For over 100 years, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has been uniting the business community for good to ensure the right things happen in Florida. As we work to grow Florida from the 16th to the 10th largest economy in the world, it is essential to unite around the Florida 2030 Blueprint to secure Florida’s future.

To book one of our subject matter experts for your next event, please select your desired speaker below and complete the speaker request form. For additional questions or assistance with speaker selection, please contact media@flchamber.com.

Mark Wilson
President & CEO
Florida Chamber of Commerce

Florida 2030 Blueprint  | Uniting Florida Business | Florida Jobs & Competitiveness Agenda | Florida’s Business Climate | Economic Outlook | Florida’s Global Competitiveness | Talent Supply & Education | Advocacy & Political Landscape | Infrastructure & Growth Leadership | Civic & Governance Systems | Quality of Life & Quality Places | TheFloridaScorecard.org | The Florida Gap Map I Research

Katie Yeutter
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer Florida Chamber of Commerce; President of the Florida Chamber Safety Council

Building a Culture of Safety, Health + Sustainability | Organizational & Change Management | Company Culture | Best Practices for Hiring & Operations | Entrepreneurship I Florida 2030 Blueprint I Economic Outlook

Sheridan Morby
Senior Research Economist
Florida Chamber of Foundation

Florida 2030 Blueprint | Economic Outlook I Uniting Florida Business I www.TheFloridaScorecard.org | The Florida Gap Map |  Talent Supply & Education | Quality of Life & Quality Places | Florida Job & Competitiveness Agenda | Research | Economic Development | Infrastructure & Growth Leadership

Frank Walker
Executive VP of Government & Political Relations
Florida Chamber of Commerce

Florida Jobs & Competitiveness Agenda | Advocacy & Political Landscape | Policy & Leadership | Legislative Landscape | Lobbying | Talent | Education I Healthcare I Economic Development | Infrastructure | Quality of Life | Civic & Governance I Florida 2030 Blueprint I Economic Outlook

Kyle Baltuch
Executive Vice President
Florida Chamber Foundation

Equality of Opportunity | Early Learning | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Cutting Florida Childhood Poverty in Half | The Florida Gap Map | www.TheFloridaScorecard.org | Affordable Housing | Achievement Gaps

Marian Johnson
Executive Director
Florida Chamber Political Institute

Political landscape | Political Action | Voter Demographics & Analysis | Florida Chamber Political Institute | Constitutional Amendments

Carolyn Johnson
Vice President of Government Affairs
Florida Chamber of Commerce

Diversifying Florida’s Economy | Florida Jobs & Competitiveness Agenda | Advocacy & Political Landscape | Policy | Legislative Landscape | Lobbying | Small Business Issues | Lawsuit Abuse Reform | Insurance | Tax | Employer and Employee Regulations | Unemployment 

Andrew Wiggins
Senior Director, Political Affairs & Coalitions Advocacy
Florida Chamber of Commerce

Local Chambers of Commerce | Political Landscape | Political Action | Voter Demographics & Analysis | Florida Chamber Political Institute | Florida Institute for Political Leadership | Constitutional Amendments |Legislative Landscape | Advocacy & Political Landscape

Jason Mozo, J.D.
Executive Director,
Florida Chamber Safety Council

Public & Private Safety Trainings | Membership Services | Safety Compliance | OSHA Standards | Safety and Best Practices in the Workplace

Rachel Ludwig, Vice President, Talent Development for the Future of Work

Future of Work | Florida Center for Workforce and Talent Development | Workforce Education | Early Learning | K-12 Literacy and Math | Career Pathways | Post-Secondary Education | Career & Technical Education (CTE) | Adult Education | Integrated Education and Training | Community Partnerships | Professional Development

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