About the Florida Chamber

Florida is at a crossroads. There has been more change in the last year than during any other time in recent memory, but one thing remains the same: The Florida 2030 Blueprint goals have not changed, and we must keep forging a path forward.

While our approach may look slightly different, we are still putting the long-term ahead of the short-term. Our strategy to reach the 2030 goals and grow Florida’s economy from – what is now – the 16th largest in the world to the 10th largest by 2030 is still our true North and we will only get there by uniting Florida’s business community.

The Florida Chamber and its members champion free enterprise every day. But free enterprise isn’t free. Unfortunately, there are a lot of forces wanting us to be like New York, California and Illinois. We can all agree that with businesses fleeing high-cost states and finding their way to the sunshine state to do business, we must work to make sure Florida remains Florida as we relaunch our economy back to pre-COVID numbers and beyond.
Our climate gives Florida an opportunity to attract these businesses and jobs to our state to help jump start our economy. Florida remains open for business and we are serving as a model for the nation.

There are an additional 4 million residents expected by 2030, and there is $1.2 million in wealth relocating to our state every hour. With Florida’s growing population and economy, top 5 education system, second in the nation ranking for fiscal stability, lack of state income tax, top infrastructure thanks to six straight years of $10B in state transportation and infrastructure funding, close access to the Panama Canal offering a gateway to emerging markets, and low cost of living offering a great quality of life; major employers are relocating their businesses to the Sunshine State.

And while many would have you believe our state’s successes come from only our sunshine and beaches, at the Florida Chamber we know firsthand that our state continues to move forward thanks, in part, to a united business community that believes in free enterprise, believes in private-sector job creation and fights for a stronger Florida.

In fact, our efforts to make Florida a global leader continue to be challenged by groups who stand in the way of American competitiveness, free enterprise and economic opportunity for all Floridians. Environmental extremists continue to deploy regulation after regulation to hurt our efforts to plan for smarter growth and protect our environment as we move toward solving our water challenges. Unions that unabashedly put the interests of their members before the interests of Florida’s students continue to try to take options away from students and their parents and, in turn, limit a child’s opportunity.

Incredibly, some politicians are following the trial lawyer playbook and continue to side with special interests who put themselves ahead of what’s right for Florida. In fact, some politicians have proved their loyalty to billboard trial lawyers who exploit Florida’s legal system by refusing to act on Florida’s worsening lawsuit abuse problem. Insurance abuse, fueled by trial lawyers looking for a payout, continues to cost Florida’s families and businesses hard-earned dollars — an average of $3,400 per family of four.

Yet despite the unlimited resources of special interest groups, their policies of less freedom and less competitiveness have never worked — and they never will. We continue to push back against special interest groups who have and freely use their unlimited resources and national connections to attempt to drown Florida in unnecessary regulations, taxes, government mandates and red tape, but we need your help. Their efforts never tire and neither will ours.

The Florida Chamber, our members and our partners have been fighting for greater economic opportunity and job creation since 1916. And for the past 100 years, the Florida Chamber has stood up for what’s right for Florida in every corner — from the Florida Legislature to the Florida Cabinet, from state to federal agencies, from the court of law to the court of public opinion. When the battle is about what is best for Florida’s future, the Florida Chamber is on the front lines.

At the Florida Chamber, We Believe:

  • In a robust free enterprise system with limited intrusion by government in the marketplace,
  • In a high-quality education and workforce development system that will enable all Floridians to compete in the 21st century global economy,
  • In fair and predictable laws and regulations that promote economic development and do not impose unreasonable costs on businesses or their customers,
  • In a simple, fair and globally competitive tax structure,
  • In fiscal responsibility, public accountability and transparency in government,
  • In a reliable and sustainable infrastructure to support the health and prosperity of all Floridians,
  • In a constructive and positive labor environment in Florida that generates jobs, and
  • In a unified and responsible business community that acts in the long-term interest of our state.

Work That Matters

Imagine a career in which your daily work matters, really matters. Your work is purposeful and mission based. It impacts the lives of millions of Floridians. It will shape the future of Florida – your future, your children’s future the future of every Floridian today and the millions that will move to the sunshine state in the next decade.

This work gives rise to bold initiatives, it will make Florida more competitive for local job creators, fix our broken legal climate and help elect pro-business candidates. All while aiming to cut childhood poverty in half, ensure all kindergartners are ready for school, third graders can read and Florida’s higher education and job opportunities are available to all and focused on building an innovative and talented workforce. Your work today, ensures that we have a safe, healthy, sustainable and vibrant economy tomorrow, and for years to come, with a quality of life and economic opportunity for all Floridians that is second to none.

Imagine a world where the heroes don’t wear capes or masks but business attire and fight every day to create jobs, make investments, advocate for better policy and keep the economy humming; all while nefarious forces plot against them.

Imagine YOU and the organization you work for are the last line of defense for Florida businesses, and your weapons of choice are not swords or tanks but uniting allied forces – using research, sharing data, and raising awareness for advocacy and campaigns on important issues that will change the course of Florida’s future for good.

Welcome to the Florida Chamber of Commerce and our family of pro-Florida organizations!

This is what our team does every day! We fight to keep the wheels of free enterprise turning while offering competitive compensation and benefits and a culture that is high performing, accountable, lively and highly energetic. We are hiring for multiple positions that will help us secure Florida’s future. We believe in One Mission – One Team. If you are seeking something more than a job, have a “whatever it takes” attitude and are ready to fuel your passion into mission-based work to support and promote free enterprise, we want to hear from you. The key to our success is our diverse team that believe in Florida’s future. If you’re ready to proudly put on the Chamber cape and join us in the fight to secure Florida’s Future, we encourage you to apply here.