New Education Scores Show Movement Towards Florida 2030 Blueprint Goals

By: Sheridan Morby, Senior Research Economist, Florida Chamber Foundation

Florida’s latest 3rd and 8th-grade reading scores were recently released, reflecting progress toward Florida 2030-related education goals. According to, 3rd-grade reading scores increased by 5 percentage points to 55%, while 8th-grade reading scores rose 4 percentage points to 51%.

Math scores were also released, showing a slight increase in 3rd-grade math proficiency to 60%, while 8th-grade math proficiency dipped by 1 percentage point to 54%.

Click HERE to access our shareable graphic that includes a big picture analysis of these updates.

While there are wins in some areas, there is still much work to be done overall to achieve our Florida 2030 Blueprint‘s 100% math and reading proficiency goals. Math and reading both play a significant role in securing the future of our youngest Floridians.

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