Florida Chamber of Commerce Announces First Round of 2024 Legislative Endorsements

Bipartisan list of 80 current and former legislators informed by performance on Chamber’s annual Legislative Report Card and vision for growing Florida

The Florida Chamber of Commerce continues to unite Florida’s business community to help make Florida more competitive, and today endorsed a bipartisan list of eighty current and former legislators running for election this year.

These legislators have a strong track record of securing Florida’s future by regularly promoting free enterprise and job creation. These endorsements are based, in large part, on Legislator’s actual grades earned on The Florida Chamber of Commerce Legislative Report Card.

“The Florida Chamber has a long and proven track record of endorsing candidates who continue to drive sound policy, helping Florida maintain a pro-jobs climate and safeguarding the strength of our economy,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “We trust that these proven incumbent and former legislators will continue to make Florida’s future a priority, focusing on job creation and further economic opportunity for everyone.”

The Florida Chamber is proud to stand alongside the following candidates, putting its full 100-plus years of combined political experience behind getting them reelected.

District 1: Former Senate President Don Gaetz
District 3: Senator Corey Simon
District 5: Senator Tracie Davis
District 7: Representative Tom Leek
District 9: Representative Stan McClain
District 11: Senator Blaise Ingoglia
District 13: Representative Keith Truenow
District 19: Representative Randy Fine
District 21: Senator Ed Hooper
District 23: Senator Danny Burgess
District 27: Senate President Designate Ben Albritton
District 31: Senator Gayle Harrell
District 39: Senator Bryan Avila

House of Representatives:
District 1: Representative Michelle Salzman
District 2: Representative Alex Andrade
District 3: Representative Joel Rudman
District 4: Representative Patt Maney
District 5: Representative Shane Abbott
District 6: Representative Phillip Wayne “Griff” Griffitts
District 7: Representative Jason Shoaf
District 8: Representative Gallop Franklin
District 10: Representative Chuck Brannan
District 11: Representative Sam Garrison
District 12: Representative Wyman Duggan
District 15: Representative Dean Black
District 16: Representative Kiyan Michael
District 17: Representative Jessica Baker
District 24: Representative Ryan Chamberlin
District 25: Representative Taylor Yarkosky
District 29: Representative Webster Barnaby
District 30: Representative Chase Tramont
District 31: Representative Tyler Sirois
District 32: Senator Debbie Mayfield
District 34: Representative Robert Brackett
District 36: Representative Rachel Plakon
District 37: Representative Susan Plasencia
District 38: Representative David Smith
District 39: Representative Doug Bankson
District 45: Representative Carolina Amesty
District 47: Representative Paula Stark
District 50: Representative Jennifer Canady
District 51: Representative Josie Tomkow
District 52: Representative John Temple
District 53: Representative Jeff Holcomb
District 54: Representative Randy Maggard
District 55: Representative Kevin Steele
District 56: Representative Brad Yeager
District 57: Representative Adam Anderson
District 58: Representative Kimberly “Kim” Berfield
District 59: Representative Berny Jacques
District 61: Representative Linda Chaney
District 65: Representative Karen Gonzalez Pittman
District 66: Representative Traci Koster
District 68: Representative Lawrence McClure
District 69: Representative Daniel “Danny” Alvarez
District 71: Representative Will Robinson
District 73: Representative Fiona McFarland
District 74: Representative James Buchanan
District 77: Representative Tiffany Esposito
District 78: Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka
District 79: Representative Mike Giallombardo
District 80: Representative Adam Botana
District 82: Representative Lauren Melo
District 83: Representative Kaylee Tuck
District 84: Representative Dana Trabulsy
District 85: Representative Toby Overdorf
District 86: Representative John Snyder
District 87: Representative Mike Caruso
District 91: Representative Peggy Gossett-Seidman
District 95: Representative Christine Hunschofsky
District 100: Representative Chip LaMarca
District 106: Representative Fabian Basabe
District 110: Representative Tom Fabricio
District 111: Representative David Borrero
District 112: Representative Alex Rizo
District 113: Representative Vicki Lopez
District 114: Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera
District 116: Speaker Designate Daniel Perez
District 119: Representative Juan Carlos Porras
District 120: Representative James Vernon “Jim” Mooney, Jr.

Further endorsements will follow.

With all 120 House seats and half of Florida Senate seats on the 2024 ballot, the Florida Chamber leads the business community’s efforts to recruit and elect better candidates through the Florida Free Enterprise Fund, Florida Chamber Political Institute and the Florida Institute for Political Leadership. For more information about these initiatives, contact the Florida Chamber’s Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations Frank Walker at

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