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Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line Featuring Lee Sandler

“It’s Florida’s Time”—
Opportunities in Florida’s Global Economy

The latest edition of The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Bottom Line features chair of the Florida Chamber’s International Business Council, Lee Sandler, who talks about the opportunities Florida’s businesses and families have in a global economy.

“It’s Florida’s time because we are in the right position, we have the right culture, we have the right infrastructure,” Sandler states. “This is a time when the U.S. has recognized that the global economy really is our area for growth. So Florida, and Floridian companies, are really in a position to take advantage of the global economy in ways we didn’t have available before. Communications are better, transportation is better, our infrastructure is better. There’s a push from the government as well as from the private sector to move goods internationally.”

In fact, Florida’s existing logistics infrastructure makes our state uniquely suited to take advantage of a thriving global marketplace.

Consider that:

  • Florida is the 6th largest exporting state in the US, making it a leading global hub.
  • According to data released by the U.S. Commerce Department, just in 2013 alone Florida’s exports supported more than 275,000 jobs.
  • Research completed by the Florida Chamber Foundation highlights as many as 150,000 new jobs in trade, transportation and logistics in Florida are possible.

In addition, one out of every five U.S. exporters, more than 60,000 businesses, are located right here in Florida.

But Sandler points out building a global importing reputation is just as important as our state’s strong export industry.

“When you talk about Florida exports, that’s the most important element of economic growth for us,” states Sandler. “On the other hand, we need to build imports [as well] and in-transit activity, because that balance of trade is what makes us true trading partners and really gives us the growth we are looking for.”

And while the job numbers look good, Sandler also points out our state’s work is far from over.

“The opportunities are just beginning,” says Sandler. “Those are wonderful numbers but we can build them even greater by having the right type of educational institutions, by promoting business activities in trade and taking advantage of the infrastructure changes that are already in place and ongoing. So we see those numbers are going to dramatically increase over the next decade as we take advantage of our position and the opportunities a global economy offers Floridians.”

The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line is a web-based program featuring key figures from Florida’s corridors of power. Hosting the conversation with Lee Sandler is Emily Martin, Corporate Relations Manager.

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