Florida Chamber Urges House Committee to Oppose HB 35 in its Current Form


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To: House Health & Human Services Committee

The Florida Chamber of Commerce urges you to oppose HB 35 in its current form. This bill, which is sponsored by Representative Michael Grant, will be heard on Tuesday, November 14th, in the House Health & Human Services Committee.

The Florida Chamber is working to secure Florida’s future by ensuring a healthy quality of life for all Floridians. To provide healthcare to the estimated 6 million more Floridians our state will have by 2030, the Florida Chamber supports proactive and innovative policies that will deliver greater access and quality of care while also controlling escalating healthcare costs. While we agree with the stated intent of this legislation (to promote greater transparency among consumers), we are concerned that worthwhile efforts to provide transparency for the consumer could have unintended consequences, such as the survey process being used as a bargaining chip or leverage point during employer-employee contractual relationships.

This legislation is detrimental to Florida’s business community because the bill:

– Has the potential for abuse and unintended consequences, despite the stated intent.

The Florida Chamber urges you to oppose HB 35 in its current form, and will consider votes on this legislation, and any substantive amendments to it in committee or on the floor, in our annual How They Voted report card. The grade that you earn will be based on your voting record on the issues. We will make every effort to notify you prior to a vote that may be included in our annual legislative report card. If you have any questions about this or other issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Frank C. Walker, III
Vice President of Government Affairs

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