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Florida Chamber Series on Free Enterprise: Luc Castera


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Did you know, Florida currently ranks 7th in the US for origin exports and 6th in foreign direct investment? We interviewed Luc Castera, founder of Octopi – a Miami-based software company that allows cargo terminals to help them digitize operations and prepare for the future of shipping, port communications and more – to give us his insight on how Florida can position itself as an international hub.

“The international hubs of the future will be the places with a strong technology focus. The real question we need to ask ourselves is what should Florida do to position itself for success as a tech hub?

The first thing we need to do is see where we are now and where we stand today… the second one is that in order to be a tech hub we not only need to grow our own tech companies but we also need to attract existing companies to move to Florida. Florida has a great port network…and we need to keep investing in these sea ports and airports because that’s going to help us attract these companies.”

As far as disruptions on the horizon, Castera also provided the results of Octopi’s recent thought experiment, The End of Container Shipping, which shows how the transportation industry may be disrupted in the future.

“We came up with six technologies that can still cause massive disruption: drones, 3D printing, rockets, virtual reality, the hyper loop and teleportation.”

Click the audio file below to hear Luc discuss the future of Florida’s transportation systems, ports and more.

For more information on the future of Florida’s transportation systems or to hear Luc take a deeper dive into disruptions live, register for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2017 Transportation Summit.

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