Targeted Tax Reforms

77% of Florida’s General Revenue Comes from Sales & Use Tax

July 1 marks the beginning of the State of Florida’s fiscal year and the implementation of the state’s $82.3 billion budget, which is Florida’s largest budget to date. Do you know where your state tax dollars come from or how they are spent? Click here and here to find out.

Did You Know:

  • 77 percent of general revenue comes from sales and use tax,
  • Almost $1 in every $4 goes to education spending,
  • 42 percent of funding goes to health and human services,
  • Unlike some other states, Florida has a balanced budget, and
  • Florida’s growth has allowed us to make more investments, even while we have instituted tax cuts over the last five years.

Would future savings in tax dollars make a difference to your household or your business?


Get Involved:

To learn more about business climate and competitiveness and the other factors that will drive Florida’s future economy, join us at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Future of Florida Forum on September 28-30, in Orlando. Click here to reserve your room today.

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