Workforce Matters to Manufacturing


Download Florida Jobs 2030 and See What the Future of Manufacturing in Florida Looks like

“Workforce is going to be the differentiator between the economies that thrive, and the economies that fail.”

Kevin Carr, CEO, FloridaMakes


The Florida Chamber Foundation’s January 2018 edition of By The Numbers indicates manufacturing Florida has experienced a 4.5 % growth in manufacturing, with more than 16,200 jobs created in manufacturing this past year. With manufacturing growing, Florida can look forward to creating more high-wage jobs, and diversifying its economy.

What does the future of manufacturing look like in terms of talent?

Click the video below to hear Kevin Carr, CEO of FloridaMakes and Florida Chamber Foundation Board of Trustee member, discuss the importance of workforce to the future of Florida’s manufacturing industry.


Learn more about the needs of Florida’s manufacturing industry between now and 2030 by downloading the Florida Jobs 2030 report, which provides a detailed look at manufacturing and more.

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