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Trade Connectivity Matters to Florida’s Future


“Free trade is essential to free enterprise.”

–  Quintin Kendall, Florida Chamber’s Northeast Regional Chair, Vice President of State Government Affairs of CSX

From intermodal systems, rail lines, ports and how Florida’s transportation is connected in more ways than one, click the audio above to hear Quintin Kendall discuss the role trade plays in Florida’s future on the latest edition of Florida’s Series on Free Enterprise.


“At the very basics its government encouraging, not constraining, private investments in job creation. Here in Florida, Governor Scott has done a great job keeping taxes low and encouraging a  positive business climate. And the Florida DOT has been highly effective in leveraging private investments to maximize the value  of the limited amount of public funding that can be put forth toward transportation. But on a global level, and this is especially important during this tumultuous election year, we must ensure that the United States remains committed to free trade doctrines, because free trade is essential to free enterprise. If we make the mistake of raising tariffs, we raise taxes on Americans buying products here and we raise taxes on American goods moving abroad making U.S. products less competitive, and that’s bad for free enterprise and that’s bad for Florida.”

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