From Learners to Earners – Florida Chamber Education Update

The Florida Chamber believes that a quality education, from early learning to lifelong learning, is Florida’s new economic development strategy. Improving education for a better workforce is a top priority for the Florida Chamber.

This week, the Florida Legislature focused its attention on several Florida Chamber-backed education bills. Below is a compilation of Florida Chamber-backed education bills that saw legislative action this week.

Championing School Choice for Students

  • SB 692 – Sen. Jeff Brandes (R- St. Petersburg
  • HB 7037 – Choice & Innovation Subcommittee and Rep. Bob Cortes (R- Maitland)

    Helps charter schools provide quality education options around the state.

  • SB 1448 –  Sen. John Legg (R- Lutz)
  • SB 1552 – Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto (R-Fort Myers)

    Gives parents the opportunity to choose the best learning environment for their students.

Preparing Florida’s Workforce for a Global Economy

  • SB 960 –  Sen. Tom Lee (R- Brandon)

    Allows students to expand their volunteer opportunities.

Empowering Teachers

  • HB 587 – Rep. Ross Spano (R- Riverview)

    Will provide teachers greater professional development opportunities.

Supporting Global Standards for
College and Career Readiness

  • HB 7069 – Education Committee and Rep. Marlene O’Toole (R- The Villages)

    Will help streamline testing process for Florida’s students.


Get Involved:

There are many ways to get involved in the Florida Chamber’s long term fight to move Florida’s education system in the right direction.

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