Businesses can Help Florida’s Students Succeed

Did you know that if your company pays corporate income or insurance premium taxes in Florida, it may be eligible to make a 100 percent, tax-credited contribution that will fund scholarships for low-income children while allowing your corporation to strengthen its corporate responsibility initiatives?

The Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program is a Florida Chamber-supported program that allows businesses to help programs like Step Up For Students provide scholarships for K-12 students from low-income families to attend high-quality private schools, helping to break generational poverty by providing students with exponentially greater educational opportunities for success.  This year, the program will serve approximately 78,000 students across the Sunshine State.

As of July 1, 2014, the Florida Legislature has made participation in the program even more convenient for corporations. Companies can take advantage of this new approach in January, when the amount of available scholarship tax credits will increase to $559 million. Click here to learn how your business can contribute.

At the Florida Chamber, we believe Florida wins when we place students before special interest agendas and we will continue to support programs that empower parents, provide students with learning opportunities and help our state succeed. To get involved in the Florida Chamber’s education efforts, contact Brittney Burch today.

Written by Sara Clements, Step Up For Students


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Learn more about what the Florida Chamber is doing to improve our state’s education system to transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s earners by clicking here.

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