Navy Federal Credit Union: Working to Secure Florida’s Future

As Navy Federal started to grow back in Pensacola, I’ll never forget just some of the stories that I heard. When Governor Bush came over and stuck a shovel in the ground March 18, of 2003. Navy Federal was committing 300 jobs to the state of Florida.

It was so important for Navy Federal to be a part of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida Chamber Foundation, we’ve been aligned with this organization for about five years now and I would encourage each and every one of you any businesses that are not involved with the Florida Chamber – the Chamber bar none is the best chamber in America and they play a vital role in securing Florida’s future.

Not just what it’s meant to me personally, but also for Navy Federal is just being able to collaborate. Me as a Chamber board trustee, collaborating and working collectively with 65 other trustee members, to have those important conversations to learn about the great data that’s provided each and every year from Dr. Jerry Parrish and his team. Having relationships with Mark Wilson, the Florida Chamber of Commerce president, Tony Carvajal, Donna Wright and the many, many great chamber leaders and representatives that help support this state.

They are truly laser focused on making this state better and our alignment, Navy Federal’s an alignment with the Chamber, is very vital to our growth in the future. Currently right now we’re approaching 8,000 team members in Pensacola well we 10,000 team members by the end of 2023 we have to hire 1,000 new team members a year. And so, talent development is such a vital importance to the success of Navy Federal and all of our great organizations out there. So again, if you want to get involved in the Chamber please reach out to one of these chamber representatives because again, they are so committed and so focused to the future success for our great state of Florida.

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