Florida Chamber of Commerce Recognizes Representative Paul Renner as a 2019 Distinguished Advocate


The Florida Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Representative Paul Renner as a 2019 Distinguished Advocate for his work during the 2019 Legislative Session. 

The Florida Chamber’s Distinguished Advocate award recognizes lawmakers who fought tirelessly for the passage of pro-business legislation – no matter how difficult – and advocated for the Florida Chamber’s goals of securing Florida’s future and commitment to Florida’s business community through job creation, economic development and free enterprise.

“Rep. Renner was the architect of the legislature’s successful effort to protect Florida’s constitution from out-of-state special interests and billionaires as well as the House’ bold legal reform agenda,” said Frank Walker, Vice President of Governmental Affairs for the Florida Chamber.

This award is designed to honor legislators who prioritize the priority business community’s legislative goals.

“I am honored to be recognized by the Florida Chamber as a 2019 Distinguished Advocate.  Whether working to improve our state’s legal climate, passing overdue and necessary AOB reform, protecting our state constitution from special interests or opening up innovative healthcare cost savings opportunities, I can think of no better partner in the fight for our state’s future than the Florida Chamber. We still have much work to do, and I look forward to continuing our efforts together in the sessions to come,” said Representative Paul Renner.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce thanks Representative Renner for his work during the Legislative Session.

To view Representative Renner’s complete grading and district information, click here.

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