Economic Development

Economic Development


Diversifying Florida’s Economy


Why It Matters to Florida

Diversifying Florida’s economy is key to creating jobs and opportunities. The Florida Chamber will continue to support and grow our state’s core industries — tourism, agriculture and construction — and work to diversify into next generation industries. We must continue to support initiatives that champion innovation and new technology, attract emerging industries and sectors, and provide Florida with a chance to lead the nation in job diversification, investment and growth. Florida wins when we continue to diversify our base of job creators and work to attract and grow targeted high-wage industries.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

  • Florida’s Economic Toolkit
    Florida’s economic toolkit funds all competitive incentives and is used to attract and retain businesses in Florida in several high-wage, high-skilled industries. These incentives provide Florida a competitive advantage when targeting businesses growth in Florida, or preventing existing businesses from leaving our state. Now is the time to ask the Florida Legislature to fully fund Florida’s economic development toolkit to keep Florida competitive.
  • Diversifying Florida’s Economy
    The Florida Chamber supports the $85 million Florida Enterprise Fund and other improvements to EFI, which will ensure we continue to diversify and improve Florida’s business climate.
  • Growing and Attracting Targeted Industries
    We believe growing and attracting Florida’s targeted industries, as well as capital investments, will help create high-wage, high-skill jobs.
  • Championing Rural Business Opportunities
    Creating more opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in rural Florida paves the way for more economic diversity and job growth.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

Florida continues to move in the right direction by growing private-sector jobs, expanding new industries and strengthening international trade and logistics relationships. But our work is far from over. The Florida Chamber believes a globally competitive business climate helps businesses and families succeed.

Act Now

When we stay the course of creating a diverse and globally competitive economy, Florida wins. Join our fight to secure Florida’s future.

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