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Military & Defense Industry Contributes Nearly $80 Billion to Florida’s Economy

Florida’s military and defense industry not only keeps us safe, it also drives the state’s economic growth by contributing an estimated $79.8 billion to the economy and providing nearly 775,000 jobs for Floridians each year. Every business in Florida is within 100 miles of a military installation, providing growth opportunities for defense companies and creating a robust network of businesses in the military and defense supply chain. Is your job tied to the military economy?

As highlighted in a recent Florida Wins video, Florida’s military and defense industry not only creates high-wage, high skill jobs, it attracts some of the world’s leading innovators to create new products that improve our daily lives and advance the state’s innovation economy. With the industry’s total economic impact expected to grow to $100 billion a year by 2030, how will we ensure continued support of this vital sector?

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