Did You Know 105 Million Visitors Came to Florida Last Year?

Florida hosted a record-breaking 105 million visitors in 2015, according to recently-released data from VISIT FLORIDA. Domestic tourism increased by 8 percent for a total of 85 percent of the state’s visitor count. Tourism is Florida’s largest economic driver, accounting for nearly 1.2 million jobs in tourism-related employment and $89.1 billion in tourism spending. Sales tax paid by visitors contributed $5.3 billion in tax revenue, fueling the state’s growth and providing jobs for Florida families.

Governor Rick Scott announced today that 2016 is expected to be an even stronger year for tourism, with record-breaking Quarter 1 data exceeding 2015 figures by 4.8 percent. With the number of visitors expected to rise to 159 million by 2025, what is your business and your community doing to support this vital sector?

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To learn more about tourism and the other factors that will drive Florida’s economy in 2030, join us at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Future of Florida Forum on September 28-30, in Orlando.

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