2019 Most Valuable Legislator Award


“The Florida Chamber’s commitment to making sure Florida’s business community flourishes is unparalleled. I was very proud to work with them this year to advance and enact unprecedented business reform legislation that will unleash Florida entrepreneurs to grow, innovate, and create more jobs. I’m honored to receive this recognition from the Florida Chamber, and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

REPRESENTATIVE BOB ROMMEL | Florida Chamber’s 2019 Most Valuable Legislator

Representative Bob Rommel Tackling Florida’s Judicial Hellhole Label

The business community’s premier legislative award, the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Most Valuable Legislator, goes to Representative Bob Rommel, for his commitment to making Florida more competitive.

Labeled as a “judicial hellhole” and ranked as a bottom-five legal climate by national tort reform organizations, for too long Florida’s competitiveness has been needlessly shackled by our negative lawsuit abuse climate. These dismal labels and rankings come with a real cost — Florida’s families have been saddled with an estimated $4,442 “lawsuit abuse tax.” Representative Rommel charged right into the fray this legislative session, fighting billboard trial lawyer’s intent on maintaining the status quo, and working on some of the most impactful lawsuit abuse reforms in over half a decade.

A six year priority of the Florida Chamber and an issue subject to ridicule by over half a dozen Wall Street Journal editorials, this was the year that Assignment of Benefits (AOB) reform finally crossed the finish line. For far too long, a handful of vendors and trial lawyers were getting rich on AOB scams, raising Florida families’ property insurance rates across the state.

Representative Rommel had the courage to take on the few bad actors that have been plaguing Floridians with fraud and abuse and has once again restored balance to the property insurance marketplace while protecting consumers. Representative Rommel also presided over the most significant attack on trial lawyer interests in years as Chair of the House Civil Justice Subcommittee, which week-after-week took up lawsuit abuse reform priorities, building momentum and signaling a tidal change in Florida’s legal climate. While not all of these issues made it to the Governor’s desk, Representative Rommel led with courage and a deft touch as his committee confronted powerful special interests head-on by considering meaningful and overdue legal reform.

In case tackling one well-funded opponent wasn’t enough, Representative Rommel further put a target on his back by fighting against government unions and local governments running rampant. As a multiple business owner, Representative Rommel understands the importance of a consistent regulatory environment and the sanctity of the employer-employee relationship in a growing economy. He stood toe-to-toe against those who sought to advance their own agendas at the expense of jobs and the Florida families who rely upon them.

The Florida Chamber applauds Representative Bob Rommel for his hard work and leadership on behalf of Florida’s families and businesses.


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