How They Voted

Where Legislators Stood on the Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda

Six months after the launch of Florida’s 2030 Blueprint, commonly known as Florida’s Next Strategic Plan, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature advanced many of the ideas outlined in the plan.

Year after year, the Florida Chamber has been at the forefront of fighting for issues that impact Florida’s competitiveness. Lawmakers passed 20 Florida Chamber backed bills that will help lower the cost of living for families, reduce the cost of doing business for job creators and prepare for Florida’s future growth.

The Florida Chamber’s 2019 legislative agenda was supported by more than 75,000 letters of support and 14,000 petitions to lawmakers, hundreds of local chamber members traveling to Tallahassee to meet with their lawmakers, and the Florida Chamber testified before House and Senate committees more than 115 times – all backed by a lobbying, grassroots and public affairs team of 30 strong.

Throughout the 60-day process, the Florida Chamber took on attacks from those that want to make Florida less competitive, including government unions, billboard trial lawyers and extremist groups fighting against smart growth.

Recognizing that economic, political and demographic shifts have placed Florida in a fragile and changing position, it’s vital that Florida’s business community unite to elect pro-jobs candidates to ensure the right outcomes happen for Florida.

The Florida Chamber’s 2018 How They Voted Includes:

  • Results of the Florida Chamber’s 2019 Jobs Agenda, including details of how the Florida Chamber stopped 20 job killing proposals that would have hurt Floridians and job growth.
  • The Florida Chamber’s Annual Legislative Report Card, a comprehensive report based on thousands of individual votes cast by lawmakers, which provides members with objective information on how legislators voted on your key legislative priorities.