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Where Legislators Stood on the Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda


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The Florida Chamber of Commerce made a measurable difference for businesses during the 2017 Legislative Session. While lawmakers missed opportunities to make Florida more competitive, and jeopardized Florida’s economic development capabilities, the Florida Chamber testified over 125 times and advanced many issues in our competitiveness agenda. Unfortunately, as has been widely documented, legislative leaders advanced a new quasi populist agenda which includes more lawsuits, higher workers’ compensation and property insurance rates, fewer visitors, less economic diversification and more uncertainty.

The truth is that things are fragile in Florida, and when Florida’s Legislative Session is defined by what didn’t happen, state leaders – including the two of us – hoped for more than missed opportunities. Some in legislative leadership put trial lawyers ahead of local businesses and now Floridians are paying billions for it. Out-of-state resources continue creating storm clouds on Florida’s horizon, and political risk and uncertainty continues.

The role of the Florida Chamber has never been greater. For more than 100 years we have been entirely focused on making Florida as competitive as possible. We are the non-profit in Florida fighting to make sure you don’t become one too. We look forward to working with Governor Scott, the Florida Cabinet and the Florida Legislature to continue making sure the right things happen in Florida. Thank you for helping us fight to make Florida more competitive.


The Florida Chamber’s 2017 How They Voted Includes:

  • Results of the Florida Chamber’s annual Business Agenda which provides an overview of how Florida Chamber-backed, job-creating measures fared during the 2017 session, and
  • The Florida Chamber’s Annual Legislative Report Card, a comprehensive report based on more than 5,300 individual votes, which provides members with objective information on how legislators voted on our key legislative priorities. While the report card influences future endorsements in state legislative races, it is not the sole determinant.