What Passed, What Didn’t and How Your Legislator Voted

Florida Legislature Takes Steps to Make Florida More Competitive

Six months after the launch of Florida’s next strategic plan, commonly known as the Florida 2030 blueprint, Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature took steps during the 2019 Legislative Session to make Florida more competitive. Lawmakers passed 20 Florida Chamber-backed bills that will help lower the cost of living on families, reduce the cost of doing business on job creators and prepare for Florida’s future growth. To secure Florida’s future, during the 60-day session, lawmakers filed 1,675 bills, and passed 174 bills. Chief among Florida Chamber-backed legislation that passed this session are bills that:

  • Strengthen education policy to improve Florida’s talent pipeline, and further school choice options,
  • Prepare for Florida’s future growth with important infrastructure policy,
  • Protect Floridians from the lawsuit abuses of Assignment of Benefits property insurance fraud,
  • Invest in Florida’s economic development and tourism marketing programs,
  • Support innovations in autonomous vehicles, small cell technology and telehealth,
  • Harden Florida’s electrical grid for future hurricanes and disasters, and
  • Protect Florida’s constitution from out-of-state and special interests buying their way onto Florida’s ballot.

Meanwhile, not all lawmakers were trying to make Florida more competitive. Some in the legislature tried to create a patchwork of regulations increasing costs on businesses, families and consumers. Additionally, there were a host of attempted mandates on job creator’s employment, including misguided wage and employment condition mandates.

What Passed and What Didn’t?

The Florida Chamber’s 2019 How They Voted publication includes the results of the 2019 Jobs Agenda, including details of how the Florida Chamber stopped 20 job killing proposals that would have hurt Floridians and job growth.

What Grade Did Your Legislator Earn?

The Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card is an annual opportunity to recognize members of the Florida Legislature who placed making Florida more competitive through private-sector job creation, above special interests and their attempts to protect the status quo.

How Was Your Business Impacted?

After 60 days, 75,000 letters of support, 14,000 petitions to lawmakers, and nearly 115 separate Florida Chamber testimonials before House and Senate committees – all backed by a lobbying and public affairs team of 30 strong, the Florida Chamber has compiled a comprehensive outline after sine die.

2019 Legislative Session: Just the Facts

Looking for easy to download images? The Florida Chamber has created infographics with quick and easy facts from the 2019 Legislative Session, including how many bills were filed, how many passed and more.

Who Earned the 2019 Most Valuable Legislator Award?

The business community’s premier legislative award, the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s Most Valuable Legislator, goes to the legislator committed to making Florida more competitive.

Did Your Legislator Earn a 2019 Distinguished Advocate Award?

The Florida Chamber’s Distinguished Advocate award recognizes lawmakers who fought tirelessly for the passage of pro-business legislation – no matter how difficult.