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Where Legislators Stood on the Florida Chamber’s Business Agenda


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Last fall, two months before the start of the 2018 Legislative Session, the Florida Chamber of Commerce put forward legislative recommendations designed to make Florida more competitive. The 2018 Jobs Agenda provided a road-map to continue strengthening Florida’s economy, spur smart growth, and create quality jobs and economic opportunity for everyone.

Year after year, the Florida Chamber has been at the forefront of solving issues that impact Florida’s business climate. We set off the 2018 Legislative Session with three priorities in mind: reducing the cost of living, reducing the cost of doing business and preparing for the future.

With only weeks remaining in the 60-day session, tragedy occurred, and rightfully so, lawmakers took steps to pass school safety measures. However, on the whole, lawmakers ultimately made it a bit more expensive for families and small businesses and a little less competitive for Florida job creators.

Recognizing that economic, political and demographic shifts have placed Florida in a fragile and changing position, it’s vital that Florida’s business community elect pro-jobs candidates to ensure unfinished business from this year’s legislative session makes it across the finish line next session.

In November, voters will elect a new governor, and three other members of the Florida Cabinet, 120 members of the Florida House and 20 members to the Florida Senate. Our focus will continue to be on unifying Florida’s business community to not only make sure the right things happen in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., but that the right people are elected in order to keep those seeking to slow job creation out of office

The Florida Chamber’s 2018 How They Voted Includes:

  • Results of the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Jobs Agenda, including details of how the Florida Chamber stopped 14 job killing proposals that would have hurt growth
  • The Florida Chamber’s Annual Legislative Report Card, a comprehensive report based on thousands of individual votes cast by lawmakers, which provides members with objective information on how legislators voted on your key legislative priorities.