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2021 Workforce Needs Survey

Pre-COVID-19, Florida employers told us a skilled workforce was the top priority for 2020…then COVID happened. While vaccines are being distributed, a return to some sense of normality will take time, and we anticipate Florida’s workforce needs will continue to be a top issue. 

A high-quality workforce is Florida’s best long-term economic development strategy and is crucial to becoming the 10th largest economy by 2030. We need your help to understand your company’s evolving workforce needs and the impact the pandemic is having on your recruiting and training goals. The results of the survey will be incorporated into the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2021 Florida Workforce Needs Study.

Please select from one of the 8 categories below that best describes your business and take the survey relevant to your industry. Results will be shared based on Florida’s overall workforce needs AND broken down by industry – so please choose the one relevant to you. 

All surveys take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your valuable participation.

Aerospace & Aviation

Florida is a leader in aerospace and aviation industries, with more than 470 industry companies and 100+ public use airports.  Florida is a premier aerospace and space location and is a top state for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness. Our 470+ industry companies excel in areas from aircraft parts and assembly, to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, to missiles. Florida is the birthplace of commercial aviation and the air transport hub of the Western Hemisphere. Florida is also home to 100+ public-use airports.


Many innovative companies in Florida are leading the development of a strong cleantech industry in Florida. To continue to grow the Cleantech industry, we must ensure Florida’s workforce is prepared. Floridians understand the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy, and are building a robust cleantech industry, with particular strength in energy, efficiency, and environmental technologies. Florida is already home to industry innovators from Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas, to Siemens Energy, to Saft.

Defense & Homeland Security

With 20 major military installations and innovative companies supporting military and civilian populations, the Defense and Homeland Security industries and our specially trained workforce are crucial to Florida’s future.

Defense: Florida proudly hosts 20 major military installations and 3 unified combatant commands, and nearly all of the nation’s leading contractors. Tap into our tremendous industry base and large pool of skilled workers and veterans to grow your business.

Homeland Security: Florida’s strengths in homeland security’s diverse components – including infotech, photonics, simulation and training, and biotech – makes it a supportive location for companies working to secure our ports, detect threats, enhance cybersecurity, and much more.

Finance & Professional Services

Florida has become an international leader in providing services in finance, insurance, engineering and more. The Finance and Professional Services industry is vital to ensuring Florida remains competitive.

Florida’s diversified economic structure has enabled it to be a global player in the provision of high value-added services in finance, insurance, architecture, accounting, consulting, engineering, and more. Florida’s proximity to and cultural connections with Latin America have also helped make Florida an international banking center with booming international trade, and leading location for shared services. In total, Florida is home to 129,500+ financial and professional services firms and their 897,500 employees.

Information Technology

Technology is rapidly changing our economy and how we train our workforce.  Florida’s Information Technology industries range from modeling and simulation to circuit boards, and represent a growing number of jobs for Floridians.

The state’s industry strengths are diverse, and range from photonics, to mobile technologies, to communications equipment, to modeling and simulation, and beyond.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Florida is home to more than 260 biotech companies and is ranked 2nd among states for FDI registered medical device manufacturing facilities. Companies in the Life Science and Health Care industries are key employers throughout our state.

After years of aggressive, coordinated effort, Florida has firmly established itself as a true hub for the life sciences. Today, Florida is home to some of the nation’s most highly regarded research centers; more than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies; and a foundation of more than 46,000 healthcare establishments – including 720+ hospitals.

Logistics & Distribution

In addition to its location, Florida offers an abundance of resources in the global market place. The companies that make up Florida’s diverse Logistics & Distribution industries will continue to be a key contributor to Florida’s economy.

Logistics is big business in Florida, where the broader wholesale trade, transportation and logistics industry employs more than half a million Floridians. Nearly every major global logistics integrator already has a presence in the state, including the headquarters for Ryder System, Inc., Landstar System Inc., CEVA Logistics U.S., Inc. and other top logistics companies. As the Western Hemisphere’s commercial gateway, Florida’s logistics & distribution industry is poised to grow further with the completion of the Panama Canal expansion and numerous infrastructure developments and upgrades underway around the state.


Florida’s manufacturing industry it a key economic engine. Florida ranks 12th for the number of manufacturing jobs and our Florida 2030 goal is to become one of the top 5 states.

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