Leading Voices: Leading Voices: Three Questions with Kathy Thomas-Beck, Florida Market Leader, Partner, RSM US LLP

We sat down with Florida Chamber Board of Directors Member Kathy Thomas-Beck, Florida Market Leader, Partner, RSM US LLP, to answer three important questions:

Q: What is one piece of advice you would share with your peers?
A: We must remain committed to securing the future of Florida by uniting resources, collaboration, agility and focusing on important issues that will impact our trajectory.

Q: What keeps you up at night?
As our clients face an increasingly complex global business environment, we must continue to evolve our business as a compelling, digital, global organization focused on instilling confidence in a world of change. Our promise to understand the middle market and individual clients’ industries and business environment is the foundation for every RSM experience and deep client relationships. So how do we continue to innovate to drive positive change, support the success of our clients, people and communities and further develop timely insight that engage, create effective solutions and essential support to help anticipate and address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.  Finally, how do we support our people who are struggling or personally affected by turmoil.

Q: How has the Florida Chamber impacted your organization?
A: The Florida Chamber advocates on issues that directly impact our clients, our communities and our employees that live and thrive in Florida. In addition, we have leveraged the Chamber’s research and resources many times in understanding and confirming future trends, issues that impact our business and help to inform our long-term strategies.

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