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Florida is Becoming Known As A Tech & Innovation State

Florida is growing by 1,000 people every day and is one of only a few states to fully recover to pre-covid job levels. Technology and innovation are essential to growing Florida from the 16th largest global economy to the 10th largest by 2030. It is not just a conversation for tech innovators; it’s a conversation for all Florida job creators. In business, competition remains fierce and unforeseen challenges are inevitable; meaning job creators must remain proactive and innovative in their approach to staying relevant.

Florida is among the nation’s most innovative states. Despite this, many people only see Florida as a state for tourism, agriculture, and construction – incredibly important industries that built the foundation for Florida and continue driving innovation themselves. The reality is Florida is becoming a technology, innovation, and R&D state. This is evident from Florida’s top rated research universities and colleges to the incubators, accelerators, venture capital and angel investors and the many tech companies choosing to call Florida home.

With over 446,260 technology jobs, Florida ranks fourth in the nation for technology jobs, and seventh in the nation for venture capital investment dollars at $2,905M. There is an untold Florida technology and innovation story, and the Florida Chamber Foundation is laser-focused on changing that.

Our success in achieving the 39 goals outlined in the Florida 2030 Blueprint— including being a top three state for technology jobs (Florida is currently 4th), a top three state for venture capital investments (Florida is currently 7th) and a top three state for research and development funding (Florida is currently 39th)—hinges heavily on continued business innovation.

A united business community, fueled by technology and innovation best practices, is how we will grow Florida to the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030.

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s inaugural Florida Technology & Innovation Solution Summit will be held August 31st in Tampa, Florida. This is an important opportunity to connect with Florida business peers across all industries who are already making bold moves in innovation, so you can get started on the right track.

Mark Wilson is President & CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce

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