Florida Chamber Endorses a Bipartisan Senate Candidates and House Candidates Running for Election This Year

District 2: Jay Trumbull
District 3: Corey Simon
District 4: Clay Yarborough
District 11: Blaise Ingoglia
District 12: Colleen Burton
District 14: Jay Collins
District 18: Nick DiCeglie
District 38: Alexis Maria Calatayud
District 39: Bryan Avila*

House of Representatives:
District 3: Joel Rudman
District 6: Griff Griffitts
District 8: Gallop P. Franklin
District 14: Kim Daniels
District 15: Dean Black
District 16: Kiyan Michael
District 17: Jessica Baker
District 30: Chase Tramont
District 34: Robert Brackett
District 36: Rachel Plakon
District 37: Susan Plasencia
District 39: Doug Bankson
District 41: Bruce H. Antone
District 45: Carolina Amesty
District 47: Dan Marquith
District 50: Jennifer Canady
District 52: John Temple
District 53: Jeff Holcomb
District 55: Kevin M. Steele
District 56: Brad Yeager
District 57: Adam Anderson*
District 58: Kimberly “Kim” Berfield
District 59: Berny Jacques
District 60: Audrey Henson
District 62: Wengay “Newt” Newton
District 65: Karen Gonzalez Pittman
District 77: Tiffany Esposito
District 91: Andy Thomson
District 101: Todd Delmay
District 106: Jordan W. Leonard
District 113: Vicki Lopez
District 115: Alina Garcia
District 119: Juan Carlos Porras


*These candidates have been elected due to no candidate qualifying to oppose them. The Florida Chamber endorses their candidacy for the Florida Legislature.

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