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CEO Magazine ranked Florida the 2nd best state in the United States in which to do business.

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UF Entrepreneurship Program Aims to Attack Poverty

South Florida companies and entrepreneurs were big winners at BioFlorida’s annual conference this week in Fort Lauderdale.

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A Guide to Entrepreneurism


Technology and innovation is changing the workforce.  Americans are working in different ways, at more places, and in varied kinds of jobs. Emphasis continues to shift to cognitive skills, creativity, and communication. Automation, robotics, information, and the power of the internet are disrupting traditional jobs and creating entirely new ones. Formal employment at a single establishment is increasingly expected to shift to multiple, on-demand work opportunities in a “gig” economy

Florida must look toward the needs of tomorrow’s workforce.  We must leverage our quality of life and globally competitive business climate to attract and retain increasingly mobile entrepreneurs, contractors, and on-demand employees and employers. How do we nurture Florida’s entrepreneurial environment?

  • Strengthen Florida’s network of entrepreneurs and investors supporting business formation and early stage growth.
  • Increase emphasis on business formation, the creative economy, and the gig economy in regional and local economic development strategies.
  • Enhance the availability of risk, venture, and working capital to energize the expansion of existing businesses, both small and large, and to promote the
    formation of next-generation enterprises.

For information on Florida 2030 and recommendations for strengthening Florida’s economic development, download the Florida 2030 Key Targets & Strategies by visiting www.Florida2030.org



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