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A Real Plan for Real Zero

By: Don Kiselewski, Senior Director of External Affairs, Florida Power & Light

Florida Power & Light’s parent company, NextEra Energy, announced Real Zero™, the most ambitious carbon emissions reduction goal ever set by an energy producer – committing to eliminate carbon emissions from our operations by no later than 2045. We are building on our decades of innovation and investments in renewable energy to decarbonize our company while keeping bills affordable for our customers. Florida Power & Light (FPL) is proud to play a key role in this bold plan to decarbonize our company and the Florida economy.

For FPL, the Real Zero goal represents a continuation of what they have long done for their customers – making disciplined and proven long-term investments in low-cost, clean and reliable technology while keeping customer bills affordable. By 2045, FPL plans to produce only carbon emissions-free energy from a diverse mix of solar, battery storage, existing nuclear, green hydrogen and other renewable sources.

This isn’t a ‘net zero’ goal, but rather is a complete elimination of our carbon emissions in Florida to the benefit of our customers, a clean environment and the state’s growing economy. In fact, a recent economic study by a leading consultancy estimates NextEra Energy’s Real Zero goal could create up to 150,000 jobs between now and 2045 and up to $15 billion annually in new economic growth in Florida.

This goal isn’t about flipping an imaginary light switch in two decades – FPL has laid out interim goals to track its progress, hold themselves accountable and keep customers informed as they accelerate the transformation of their power plant fleet.

Most importantly, FPL intends to achieve Real Zero across our operations while keeping their bills among the lowest in the country, just as they have been for more than a decade.

You can read more about Real Zero and how NextEra Energy intends to lead the decarbonization of the U.S. economy.

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