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Join Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis at 2018 Capitol Days




The fight to make Florida more competitive for job creators is more important than ever. Join Florida’s CFO Jimmy Patronis, top business executives, legislators and state leaders for in-depth discussions on securing Florida’s future. If you believe strengthening Florida’s economy, spurring growth, creating jobs and lifting incomes are vital to securing Florida’s future, make sure your voice is heard.

Join us at the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Capitol Days as we start our day with Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis saoff during breakfast on Wednesday, January 10.


Topics of Discussion During Capitol Days Will Include:

-Lowering the Cost of Doing Business in Florida
-Once Every 20 Years: Constitutional Solutions or Problems?
-Politically Speaking – What Do Floridians Really Think?
-What You Can Do Now to Secure Florida’s Future
-And More

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