Florida Companies Exported $52.0 Billion in Florida Origin Exports in 2016?

By: Tracey Lowe

Did you know, data from TheFloridaScorecard.org shows Florida companies exported $52.0 billion in Florida origin exports in 2016? International trade provides Florida companies an opportunity to ship Florida-origin products around the world and allows our state to compete on a global stage. Dr. Jerry Parrish will present a Florida Scorecard Report on International Trade in Florida and unveil new metrics on TheFloridaScorecard.org this week during the Florida Chamber’s annual International Days event.

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About the Florida Scorecard:

The Florida Scorecard, located at www.TheFloridaScorecard.org, presents metrics across Florida’s economy. Each month, the Florida Chamber Foundation produces a Scorecard Stat that takes an in-depth look at one aspect of Florida’s economy. If you would like additional information on the Weekly Scorecard Stat or on the Florida Scorecard, please contact Dr. Jerry Parrish with the Florida Chamber Foundation at jparrish@flfoundation.org.