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Economic Development Matters to Florida’s Future



The Florida Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Economic Development Task Force Report

For more than 100 years, the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s mission has been to lead Florida to a new and sustainable economy. Through our diverse membership of business leaders across Florida, the Florida Chamber has been at the forefront of solving issues that impact the competitiveness and future of Florida’s business climate.

The Florida Chamber’s 2017 Economic Development Task Force Report is the result of over nine months of work by the Florida Chamber’s Economic Development Task Force, during which they heard from more than 1,000 voices, engaged more than 30 experts (site selectors and economic development professionals) and compiled more than 250 comments and recommendations on how to make Florida more competitive. This report outlines steps the Florida Legislature can take now to ensure a stronger business climate.

Until the Florida Legislature makes Florida the most competitive business climate in the world, the state’s economic future will remain fragile because everything we know about Florida is changing — our politics, our demographics and our economics. To secure Florida’s future, Florida’s job creators need to create two million new jobs by 2030. We must accelerate the diversification of our economy and make Florida more competitive — not only with neighboring states, but also globally. And while elected officials do not create jobs, they do create the conditions for businesses to create jobs with both short- and long-term actions.

If you believe in creating jobs to secure Florida’s future, please support the Florida Chamber by adopting the recommendations contained in this report and make sure the right things continue to happen in Florida by encouraging your legislator to act now.

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The Florida Chamber believes a globally competitive business climate helps businesses and families succeed. To learn more about our fight to secure Florida’s future, contact me at or (850) 521-1235.

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