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Amendment 2 Affects All Floridian Consumers and Property Owners


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Carrie O’Rourke, the Florida Realtors Association’s Vice President of Public Policy, recently sat down with us to discuss Amendment 2, its impact on Florida’s consumers and their property, and how to get involved in educating other voters.

“It impacts every Floridian. Not only from a consumer side, but it keeps that stability and that security in the business place so that small businesses can plan and they know what their property taxes are going to be year over year,” said O’Rourke.


Vote Yes on Amendment 2

Amendment 2 prevents excessive property taxes and ensures that Florida remains an affordable place to live, work and do business. To learn more about the amendment and how it affects Floridians, check out the Florida Chamber’s Constitutional Amendment Guide or visit Everyone is for 2 here.


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