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Florida’s 2018 Primary Election Pro-Jobs Picks

Elections matter! With the 2018 primary election around the corner and early voting already underway in some counties, it is important that voters elect pro-business candidates to help ensure Florida continues growing its economy, creating jobs and remains the best place to work and raise a family. The Florida Chamber Political Institute traveled statewide to interview candidates and learn where they stand on the issues. This rigorous interview process was central to the Florida Chamber of Commerce recommending the below pro-jobs candidates. Our mission remains to secure Florida’s future and we will continue to advocate for candidates who have Florida’s future as a priority.

DOWNLOAD the Florida Chamber’s 2018 primary election endorsements.


Elections matter and the Florida Chamber’s engagement efforts have begun. We are recruiting and electing pro-business, pro-job candidates, chosen by hundreds of rigorous candidate interview sessions—Florida’s most thorough and respected pro-business candidate review process. The Florida Chamber Political Institute (FCPI) is traveling statewide, interviewing hundreds of potential candidates for office. Prior to the interview process each candidate must complete a thorough and intensive questionnaire that outlines their position on the issues important to Florida’s future.

Our mission remains to secure Florida’s future. We will continue to advocate for candidates who have Florida’s future as a priority, and fight to lead Florida in the right direction. You can help by hosting political fundraisers, investing in the Florida Chamber’s political efforts or by simply signing up for www.FloridaWins.org. We urge you to join us in the arena to make Florida more competitive.