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The Florida Chamber’s Early Voting Dashboard is your interactive digital resource providing the latest on early voting performance statewide, in each county, and in House, Senate and Congressional races.


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Final Turnout Numbers Reach More Than 5.2 Million Ballots Cast

Final pre-Election Day turnout data from the Florida Chamber’s Early Voting Dashboard shows that as of this morning, 5,216,898 voters have cast their ballots, with 2,499,093 vote-by-mail (VBM) ballots returned and 2,717,805 early ballots cast. Total turnout currently stands at 39.48 percent. Almost all turnout growth from yesterday came from VBM returns. 86,838 ballots were processed yesterday, with Republicans seeing a small lead on the day of 567 ballots over the Democrats. Early voting continued in the eight counties given emergency status following Hurricane Michael, but few seemed to have taken advantage of this extra day. Turnout went up fewer than 10,000 ballots cast in early voting totals. Overall, Democrats are leading in total turnout, with 2,115,614 ballots cast versus 2,089,644 for Republicans.

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