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The Florida Chamber Kicks Off World Trade Month

Every year, May is recognized as World Trade Month, and many people across the nation take this time to recognize the importance of international trade as a major contributor to job creation through events and awareness campaigns. Here at the Florida Chamber, every month is World Trade Month. We recognize that if we want to continue to create high-wage jobs, we need to support the Florida companies and farmers that make and grow more products for exports, we need to move more imports and exports through Florida’s seaports and airports, and we need to multiply the impacts of trade to provide more opportunities and access to global markets.

I recently returned from a successful trade mission to Argentina led by Governor Rick Scott. Argentina has always been a strong trade partner for Florida, and its economy, under a new presidential administration, has undergone significant positive reforms which are not only transforming the country’s economic landscape but are also presenting new and exciting opportunities for Florida exporters.

Read a letter from Gov. Scott to President Trump highlighting the success of the mission.

A crucial component of Florida’s growth is tied to our strength as a global hub for trade. Florida is not only at the crossroads of hemispheric trade – which geographically positions us to capture north/south trade flows – it is also home to more than 60,000 exporters ( second only to California) and state-of-the-art investments in trade infrastructure. If there was a ever a state was Made for Trade, it’s Florida.

Ensuring that we grow and expand opportunities for Floridians is central to the fight for Florida’s future. The Florida Chamber stands ready to help Florida companies expand trade opportunities and support efforts to attract foreign direct investment, as well as continuing to advance a competitiveness agenda that fosters pro-growth policies such as international trade initiatives.

Get Involved

For more information on joining the Florida Chamber’s international efforts or becoming a member of the Florida Chamber, please contact Alice Ancona. While you’re at it, don’t forget to register for the Florida Chamber’s Florida International Trade and Investment Conference, scheduled for Aug. 9 in Orlando.

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