Recently Passed Federal Regulations Could Cost Consumers $11,000

Burdensome government regulations are the enemy of free enterprise and put serious limitations on businesses in the areas of building permitting, hiring practices, operating procedures and many more. Results from the Florida Chamber’s recent Small Business Index Survey show that government regulations are one of the top issues facing small businesses, resulting in excess costs and reductions in workforce and wages.

While the actual costs of overregulation are difficult to measure, the expenses are passed on to consumers in the form of higher costs for products and decreased job creation. A 2014 report estimated that recently passed federal regulations could cost consumers an additional $11,000 for items like vehicles, household goods, food, healthcare and energy.

“Excess regulations are detrimental to Florida businesses and families,” said Monesia Brown, Director of Public Affairs & Government Relations at Walmart. “At Walmart, our goal is to make sure that our shoppers can save money and live better, and one way to reduce costs is through regulatory reform.”

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Urge Senators to Fund International Programs

With the Florida Legislative Special Session underway, the Florida Chamber needs your help to advocate for funding for Florida’s international program. This program, ran through Enterprise Florida (EFI), helps small and medium-sized businesses enter or expand into the international market through training and grants.

At the conclusion of the regular session, the House had increased EFI’s international program by $1 million.  The Florida Chamber needs your help to request the Senate to match the House’s budget.

Click the button below to send your Senator an email urging them to consider matching the House’s EFI international program funding proposal.


Why is This Funding Request Important?

80% of global purchasing power, 92% of economic growth, and 95% of consumers are outside of the USA. Enterprise Florida’s international program helps businesses wishing to expand or enter the international marketplace with marketing plans, counseling, and funding.

The benefits to small and medium businesses that export are significant:

  • Exporting companies have higher employment growth than non-exporting companies
    Fluctuations in the economy impact companies that export less
  • Wages in exporting companies are higher by about 15 percent compared to wages in companies that don’t export

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Click the button below to send your Senator an email urging them to consider matching the House’s EFI international program funding proposal.