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More Regulations Bad for Rail Industry


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Florida Should Welcome All Modes of Transportation

In testimony before the Florida Senate Transportation Committee, the Florida Chamber of Commerce expressed its opposition to SB 572, which would add unneeded state regulations to the already heavily federally regulated rail industry.

The Florida Chamber believes this bill will disturb existing agreements between local governments and private companies, and discourage private investment that seeks to solve public transportation issues.

During testimony to the committee, which is chaired by Senator George B. Gainer (R-Panama City), we shared that Florida will see an additional 5.4 million residents and 117 million annual visitors by 2030. Florida should welcome all modes of transportation, especially those the private sector is willing to invest in.

Click here to see Chris Emmanuel’s testimony in front of the Florida Senate Transportation Committee.


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We welcome your feedback on this issue. Join the discussion at the 2017 Florida Chamber Foundation Transportation Solutions Summit on December 12. For additional information, email Chris Emmanuel at or call at (850) 521-1242.

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