Florida Chamber-Supported Richard Corcoran Named Florida’s Next Education Commissioner

The Florida Board of Education (BOE) has unanimously approved Governor-elect Ron DeSantis’s choice to lead Florida’s K-12 education system. Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Richard Corcoran will serve as Florida’s next Commissioner of Education. Florida Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Mark Wilson testified in support of Corcoran during today’s public hearing.

“The Florida Chamber Foundation’s research tells us that talent is Florida’s best economic development tool for attracting job creators, and ensuring prosperity for Floridians and our communities. Richard Corcoran is right for the job, and will help ensure we secure Florida’s future while strengthening educational opportunities that closes Florida’s talent gap,” Wilson told members of the BOE.


Corcoran, who earned an “A” on the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Legislative Report Card, has a long-history of further improving Florida’s K-12 system and championing parents to choose the best learning environment for their child’s educational success—something the Florida Chamber has long advocated for.

Joe York, BOE member and member of the Florida Chamber Board of Directors, made the motion to name Corcoran as the next Commissioner of Education. During York’s comments, he thanked Corcoran for putting himself up for a difficult position, and said that Corcoran ran one of the most effective House sessions ever when he served as Speaker of the Florida House.

From local businesses to major employers, a qualified workforce is among the top concern of job creators. To secure Florida’s future, employers need talent that is prepared to enter the workforce.


“The Florida Chamber’s focus on developing talent and meeting the needs of business and industry is exactly the place you need to be in looking forward,” U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos said earlier this year in a meeting with Florida business leaders.

Help Ensure Today’s Learners Become Tomorrow’s Earners in the Workforce:

1.    Engage with our Talent Supply and Education Caucus.
2.    Partner with our Business Alliance for Early Learning.
3.    Attend the upcoming Learners to Earners Workforce Summit.
4.    Learn about our research on jobs of the future – Florida Jobs 2030.
5.    Advocate for education during the upcoming Legislative Fly-In.

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