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Securing Florida’s Future Requires One Unified Voice

Driving long-term solutions requires coordinating Florida’s 67 counties, from the Panhandle to the Keys, under free-enterprise principles that help our state grow. Securing our state’s future requires business and community leaders like you. The Florida Chamber Foundation leads the state in future-focused research and continues to be a catalyst for positive change.

In the early 2000s, Florida needed a united strategy that would focus on creating prosperity and high paying jobs, ensuring Florida remained globally competitive and fostering vibrant and sustainable communities. The Florida Chamber Foundation created the Six Pillars Framework, an organizational framework that identifies key factors that drive Florida’s future economy and helps communities, agencies and organizations speak with one voice.


Talent Supply and Education

Early Education


Higher Education






Innovation and Economic Development

– Florida’s Economic Portfolio

– Innovation Economy

– Entrepreneurism

– Capital & Investments

– Global Trade




Infrastructure and Growth Leadership

– Planning & Development

– Transportation & Logistics

– Water

– Energy

– Communications

– Waste Management

– Environmental Issues

– Risk Preparedness & Mitigation



Business Climate and Competitiveness

– Commercial Insurance

– Taxes

– Regulation

– Permitting

– Property Rights

– Legal Reform

– Workplace & Employment



Civic and Governance Systems

– Florida’s Budget

– Governmental Systems

– Federal Issues

– Ethics & Elections

– Local Government Issues

– Regional Stewardship

– Civic Infrastructure

– Public Private Partnerships

– Florida’s Constitution



Quality of Life and Quality Places

– Health & Wellness

– Safety & Security

– Housing & Livability

– Families & Children

– Retirement & Lifelong Engagement

Economic Opportunity & Prosperity 

– Sense of Place & Community