Six Pillars

 Securing Florida’s Future Requires One Unified Voice

Driving long-term solutions requires coordinating Florida’s 67 counties, from the Panhandle to the Keys, under free-enterprise principles that help our state grow. Securing our state’s future requires business and community leaders like you. The Florida Chamber Foundation leads the state in future-focused research and continues to be a catalyst for positive change.

In the early 2000s, Florida needed a united strategy that would focus on creating prosperity and high paying jobs, ensuring Florida remained globally competitive and fostering vibrant and sustainable communities. The Florida Chamber Foundation created the Six Pillars Framework, an organizational framework that identifies key factors that drive Florida’s future economy and helps communities, agencies and organizations speak with one voice.


Talent Supply and Education

From Pre-K-12 to lifelong learning, talent is quickly becoming Florida’s best economic development tool. A talented workforce is the foundation for growth and future success.

Innovation and Economic Development

Florida’s future is an innovation economy. But in order to remain competitive, our state must ensure we are creating an environment for innovators and disruptive technology to thrive and should focus on attracting and growing emerging industries. Florida’s economic development strategy should remain multi-faceted and should ensure continued growth.

Infrastructure and Growth Leadership

Between now and 2030, approximately 26 million Floridians will call Florida home. Is our state prepared for the water, energy, transportation and telecommunications demands between now and then? Florida’s seaports, airports, spaceports, highways, railways and supporting infrastructure needs to be able to grow smarter for the next six million residents than we did for the last six million.

Business Climate and Competitiveness

Florida is no longer just competing with other states for resources but is instead competing on a global stage. Businesses looking to Florida for their next move are looking at more than just Florida’s friendly weather. Does our state provide the resources for businesses to not just start not also grow, whether it’s by creating a welcoming tax climate or ensuring there is a workforce and talent pipeline ready for the jobs of the future? In order to remain competitive, our state must remain open for business.

Civic and Governance System

Florida’s civic and governance systems play an important role in today’s economy and society. Engaged political, business and community leaders, informed dialogue and public debate, and a functioning civic infrastructure are essential to ensuring our state succeeds. To meet today’s challenges and provide tomorrow’s solutions, Florida must continue to cultivate leaders, engage youth in their communities, and promote participation in civic affairs.

Quality of Life and Quality Places

Florida’s unique natural resources make it a great place to live, learn, work and play. But Florida can’t depend on its sunshine alone. Our state must continue to plan for a future that encourages and creates opportunities for prosperity, makes smart decisions on healthcare systems and more.