Business Alliance for Early Learning

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Florida Chamber Foundation Business Alliance for Early Learning

The Florida Chamber Foundation encourages business leaders like you to join our Business Alliance for Early Learning. Businesses from around the state will tackle a number of issues impacting children ages 0-8. Join us as we engage businesses, families and community leaders in securing Florida’s future through quality early learning.

Florida’s future starts early. The foundation of many skills needed for 21st-century jobs is established in the earliest years. Eighty-five percent of brain growth occurs by the time a child is three and early childhood education, particularly between ages 0-8, is essential for a child’s development of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

Preparing our youngest students to learn establishes a foundation for future success and helps them develop important skills such as self-discipline, persistence and cooperation–skills that are essential to their future success and a quality workforce.

Children Educated in Their First Years Are:

  • 50 percent less likely to need special education,
  • 70 percent less likely to be arrested for a violent crime, and
  • 50 percent less likely to become teen parents.

Florida’s global competitiveness depends on a quality education system, and for us, this commitment must begin early. Investing in high quality early learning can result in significant benefits. Children who participate in quality early learning programs are 80 percent more likely to attend college and their employability is increased by 23 percent.


The Business Case for Early Learning

Increasingly, early learning is seen as a crucial investment in workforce development.

Life-long Impact of Early Learning

Young children who receive a high-quality education are less likely to drop out of high school and quality early childhood education programs increase employability by 23 percent.

Early Learning and Prosperity

Studies show that 50% of children that grow up in low-income households are already behind by the time they reach Kindergarten.

  • How does access to quality early learning differ based on socioeconomic status? Watch this video.
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  • How can one year of high-quality early education improve outcomes for low-income infants and toddlers? Read this.

Talent Gap

Business surveys indicate that finding the talent they need to fill open jobs is one of their biggest concerns.

  • What does the future of Florida’s education look like? Watch this video.
  • What industries are growing in Florida and what talent is needed? Read this.
  • What type of skills are important? Read this.

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