Florida Chamber Foundation Turns Spotlight on Florida’s Youngest Learners, Tomorrow’s Earners

The Florida Chamber Foundation estimates nearly two million net new jobs will need to be created by 2030. But will Florida’s businesses have the talent they need?

This topic and more were discussed at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s recent Learners to Earners Education Summit.

The event, which hosted more than 225 participants, opened discussions on the challenges Florida’s education system and workforce will face by the year 2030. The summit covered issues from strengthening career pathways to narrowing achievement gaps while ensuring prosperity for all.

“The Summit brought together some of education’s most engaged stakeholders and advanced an important dialogue about Florida’s talent pipeline,” said State University System Chancellor Marshall Criser III. “By providing a forum to discuss how we can better prepare our graduates, the Florida Chamber is playing a key role in strengthening the state’s education system and future workforce.”

A recent Politico Florida article pointed out Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson’s, focus on workforce needs during the summit. “In his opening remarks, Wilson said the future of economic development in Florida hinges on schools’ ability to produce a workforce with the right knowledge and skills to fill open positions in a rapidly changing job market.”

Education and economic development go hand in hand. Increases in economic development efforts paired with an education system that can’t keep up, leads to students who lack the necessary skills to go into the global workforce.

The Florida Chamber continues to fight to ensure the business community stays involved in creating quality education opportunities for all of Florida’s students.


Florida’s Future Rests in Your Hands

These conversations and initiatives are only possible through the cooperation of education thought leaders and workforce professionals alike. Don’t allow the future generations of Florida to be unprepared. Join the fight to secure Florida’s quality education system and register today for the 2016 Future of Florida Forum.

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