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During last weeks Future of Florida Forum, education, workforce and economic development leaders dedicated an entire morning to discussing how Florida can be ready for the future of workforce.

At the Florida Chamber of Commerce, we believe a talented workforce is Florida’s best long-term economic strategy, and businesses around the state agree- talent is quickly replacing the tax incentive as the economic tool of choice.

That’s why the Florida Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring Florida students can compete in a global economy through efforts like:

Today, the Florida Chamber is building on these efforts when Mark Wilson, President and CEO of the Florida Chamber, and Dr. Jerry Parrish, Chief  Economist for the Florida Chamber Foundation, address the Florida College System and Council of Presidents’ Innovations and Excellence Convening.

During presentations to state college presidents, Wilson will encourage Florida to further strengthen its workforce by increasing Florida’s attainment goal. While Dr. Parrish will outline where the jobs of the future are likely to be based on targeted industry growth, and high-wage jobs that will help diversify Florida’s economy.

Don’t miss out on what the Florida Chamber can offer you. There’s a reason Talent Supply and Education is our Number One pillar. From early learning, to K-12, to higher education and workforce training.

Help us make today’s learners tomorrow’s earners. Engage with us as we plan the Florida Chamber’s 2018 Education Summit. Click here to learn more.

#Learners2Earners Focuses on Florida’s Cradle to Career Continuum


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The Florida Chamber Foundation’s annual Learners to Earners Education Summit conversations covered everything from the role businesses must play in education initiatives to what education, workforce and Florida look like in 2030 and beyond. The cradle to career continuum conversations began with a discussion on early learning, the importance of 3rd grade reading levels and how poverty impacts our youngest learners, led by Kim Reckley, PNC Bank, Jennifer Grove, Gulf Power, Dr. Brittany Birken, Florida Children’s Council, Vance Aloupis, The Children’s Movement of Florida, and Charles Hokanson, Helios Education Foundation.

We were proud to once again host the Education Commissioner’s Business Recognition Awards program presented by Wells Fargo with Commissioner Pam Stewart and, for the first time, a conversation with mayors and municipal leaders from across the state on the importance of after school and summer learning opportunities. Special thanks to Chancellor Hershel Lyons, Ted Granger, United Way of Florida, and the mayors and municipal leaders for their leadership on K-12 opportunities.

Leaders from Florida’s higher education institutions including Emily Sikes, State University System, and Chancellor Madeline Pumariega, Florida College System, discussed the connection between skills and workforce needs. Michelle Dennard, CareerSource Florida, closed out the summit with a look at what the jobs of the future look like, and how Florida can prepare.

Check out the highlights from the event below.


Why Should Businesses Get Involved In Education?

Today’s learners are tomorrow’s earners- but are they prepared to meet future workforce needs?

Kate Wilson of Wells Fargo, a Title Sponsor at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2017 Learners to Earners Education Summit, shares exactly why businesses should play a key role in education conversations.

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Learners to Earners: Is Florida Ready?

Florida Chamber Foundation’s annual Learners to Earners Education summit brings together educators, business leaders and elected officials to focus on what the future of Florida’s workforce and education look like.

From cradle to career, Florida wins when communities, education institutions and businesses work together to solve issues surrounding education and workforce needs. Below, WEDU reports live from the Learners to Earners Education Summit and asks, is Florida ready?

Florida Chamber Foundation Turns Spotlight on Florida’s Youngest Learners, Tomorrow’s Earners

The Florida Chamber Foundation estimates nearly two million net new jobs will need to be created by 2030. But will Florida’s businesses have the talent they need?

This topic and more were discussed at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s recent Learners to Earners Education Summit.

The event, which hosted more than 225 participants, opened discussions on the challenges Florida’s education system and workforce will face by the year 2030. The summit covered issues from strengthening career pathways to narrowing achievement gaps while ensuring prosperity for all.

“The Summit brought together some of education’s most engaged stakeholders and advanced an important dialogue about Florida’s talent pipeline,” said State University System Chancellor Marshall Criser III. “By providing a forum to discuss how we can better prepare our graduates, the Florida Chamber is playing a key role in strengthening the state’s education system and future workforce.”

A recent Politico Florida article pointed out Florida Chamber President and CEO Mark Wilson’s, focus on workforce needs during the summit. “In his opening remarks, Wilson said the future of economic development in Florida hinges on schools’ ability to produce a workforce with the right knowledge and skills to fill open positions in a rapidly changing job market.”

Education and economic development go hand in hand. Increases in economic development efforts paired with an education system that can’t keep up, leads to students who lack the necessary skills to go into the global workforce.

The Florida Chamber continues to fight to ensure the business community stays involved in creating quality education opportunities for all of Florida’s students.


Florida’s Future Rests in Your Hands

These conversations and initiatives are only possible through the cooperation of education thought leaders and workforce professionals alike. Don’t allow the future generations of Florida to be unprepared. Join the fight to secure Florida’s quality education system and register today for the 2016 Future of Florida Forum.