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Florida Chamber Bottom Line: Preparing Florida’s Ports to Remain Globally Competitive


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On the latest Florida Chamber Bottom Line, Doug Wheeler, President and CEO of the Florida Ports Council, explains the importance of Florida’s ports on Florida’s economy and job creation, and why investing in Florida’s ports is key to ensuring Florida remains globally competitive.

“We are continuing to see tremendous benefits from maritime activities at our seaports,” said Wheeler. “This covers the $117 billion of annual activity that is occurring at Florida seaports. These activities are supporting 900,000 jobs and they’re also contributing in the sense of local and state tax revenue to the tune of more than $4 billion annually. We need to continue to be able to identify and then fund key, strategic, multimodal projects around the state of Florida.”

Two Ways You Can Help Secure Florida’s Water Future:

  1. Join the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition.
  2. Register for the Florida Chamber’s annual Legislative Fly-In, where business leaders will engage with elected officials and learn details about the upcoming Legislative Session.

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