Florida 2030 Bottom Line Series: Your Story Matters in Shaping Florida’s Future


“Long-term thinking is really the only way that you can prepare for a world where disruption is continual.”

-Joe Tankersley, Strategic Futurist, Unique Visions


The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida 2030 Bottom Line Series discusses the future of Florida with visionary leaders. In this multi-part video series, Joe Tankersley, Strategic Futurist with Unique Visions, discusses the value of long-term thinking in order to build Florida’s future.

The Florida Chamber Foundation is engaging leaders in every part of the state to help write Florida 2030, the state’s next strategic plan.  Florida 2030 is the project that is looking at Florida’s future to ensure we are ready for global competition, prosperity and vibrant and sustainable communities. And it’s this long-term focus that Tankersley explains makes a difference.

“Long-term thinking is really the only way that you can prepare for a world where disruption is continual,” said Tankersley. “What you have to do is have that long term vison- where do you want to be in 2030, what do you want to see the state of Florida look like? Then you can come back from there and build the short-term tactics that will lead you constantly in that direction.”

Hundreds of volunteers and thousands of voices have shared their feedback on Florida’s future. According to Tankersley, it’s these stories that will help ensure our state succeeds.

“Story is really the way you change attitudes, inspire people and empower them,” said Tankersley. “The power of story, the ability to create scenarios of the future where I can see myself… suddenly are the kinds of tools that will inspire people to say ‘yea, I’m willing to go through the pain of change’.”

Now We’d Like You to Share Your Story With Us

Whether you have 5 or 15 minutes, click here to take a survey to share your thoughts with us. Share this link with those in your community and encourage them to share their stories as well.

The Florida Chamber Foundation is traveling around Florida to gather information from Floridians on the issues and opportunities that impact their community and residents. If you would like to attend a town hall in your area, click here.  If you are not able to attend, click here to give us your thoughts on what we should do today to ensure prosperity for Florida in the future.

To view Joe Tankersley’s first Florida 2030 Bottom Line Video on talent, click here.

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