Florida 2030 Bottom Line Series: For Cities of the Future, One Size Does Not Fit All



Joe Tankersley, Strategic Futurist for Unique Visions, discusses future trends and the opportunities for cities and communities to foster innovation and build a stronger economy.

“What we are seeing today, in large part because of digital disruptions, is a move towards individualization and personalization. Instead of thinking of a city as a whole, you think about smaller communities and that opens up new opportunities. Small towns now have the ability to cater to a new group of potential citizens. People are looking for that lifestyle that’s right for them.”

Florida 2030 is the project that is looking at Florida’s future to ensure we are ready for global competition, prosperity and vibrant and sustainable communities.  Do you believe Florida is prepared for the changes that are ahead? What are the future opportunities that we should plan for today?

Complete the online survey or send your thoughts to FL2030@FLChamber.com.

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