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Florida is the #1 State for Aviation/Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness

With more than 2,000 aviation and aerospace companies calling Florida home, a competitive business climate and a talent pool of 80,000, it’s easy to see why PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) ranked Florida as the top state for aviation and aerospace manufacturing attractiveness for 2015.

Aviation and aerospace is a vital market not only because it supports Florida’s military and defense economy, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of the state’s GDP, but also because of the high-skill, high-wage jobs it creates. With 2 million more jobs needed by 2030, these are the types of jobs Florida needs to diversify and expand our economy in the future.

“Florida’s unique history of spaceflight, coupled with its geographic advantages and highly-skilled workforce, make the state an ideal location for aviation and aerospace manufacturing,” said Jim Kuzma, Chief Operating Officer of Space Florida. “We must continue to attract aviation and aerospace companies and grow existing Florida companies to ensure the state remains a global competitor in this important industry.”

Get Involved

Jim Kuzma and other industry experts will lead discussions on finding solutions to the challenges that face Florida’s military and defense industry at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Military, Defense & Veterans Opportunities Summit on Thursday, August 6, in Orlando. Today is the last day to register for this event.

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