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Qualified Targeted Industries Help Create High-Wage Jobs

Did you know that targeting certain industries will help diversify and expand Florida’s economy and create high-wage jobs?

Industries such as aviation and aerospace, informational technology, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, and others help to diversify Florida’s economy, create high paying jobs and increase economic output.

Right now, Florida’s industry diversification ranking is 19th in the U.S. We believe we can and must do better, and we’ve made it our goal to grow Florida’s industry diversification into the top 12.

On January 21, a Florida Senate committee took a step closer to extending the Qualified Targeted Industry (QTI) Tax Refund program for existing and relocating companies that create new, full-time jobs paying at least 115 percent of the private-sector annual average wage in these targeted industries. Additionally, the bill encourages recovery in areas impacted by Hurricane Michael by relaxing certain requirements of the QTI Tax Refund Program.

Thank you, Senator Joe Gruters, for sponsoring SB 922, and for supporting an innovation economy.

Call, Text, Email Your Lawmaker

Senator Gruters needs your support, and that’s why the Florida Chamber encourages members and partners to reach out to your lawmaker and ask them to extend QTI – the Qualified Targeted Industry program. Find your Representative HERE. Find your Senator HERE.

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