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Boeing is Building the Future Here, Now

By Chris Ferguson, Boeing Starliner Astronaut Test Pilot, Former NASA Astronaut and Space Shuttle Commander


Imagine a world where you can look up at the sky from Earth and name at least one person you know living in space.

At Boeing, that dream is becoming more of a reality as we build the future here and now. We’ve already sent probes beyond the influence of our own solar system, we’ve celebrated lunar footsteps, and with our international partners we’ve built an incredible laboratory in low-Earth orbit where people representing 15 nations have been living and working continuously for almost two decades. NASA, with the support of Boeing, has a strong foundation of experience that will help make the aspirations of setting foot – and one day living – on distant worlds realized within our lifetime.

I’ll soon be going back to space with two of my NASA colleagues, flying aboard Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner on a flight test to the International Space Station. We’ll be returning a critical crew launch capability to the United States for the first time since I commanded the last Space Shuttle mission in 2011.

Our flight aboard the Starliner represents more than just a single mission or a single destination, but a redefining of the space frontier. It’s a mission to never lose our foothold in space while we continue to reach farther than ever before. And it’s a mission to bring more people than ever before to this unbelievable destination above Earth’s atmosphere as we work toward a thriving commercial space ecosystem.

While my heart lies with the space exploration segment of aerospace, I’m fortunate to work for the largest aerospace company in the world. As a retired U.S. Navy captain, I’m proud to be a part of a company that continues to engineer new technologies in all aspects of aviation and aerospace right here in Florida, and around the globe.

Whetzer it’s training commercial pilots and technicians at the company’s largest training center in Miami, providing support to Special Operations Forces in Fort Walton Beach, modifying military aircraft in Jacksonville, or building the future of space exploration on the Space Coast, Boeing and its Florida workforce of more than 1,700 are leading the way.

I look at the work Boeing and other companies are accomplishing in and for space exploration, aerospace, and aviation here and now; and I see these efforts fueling excitement and sparking curiosity in what we have yet to innovate in our industry and explore in the universe. The possibilities for both are limitless.


Florida is a Premier Aviation and Aerospace Location

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