Marketing Florida’s Business Climate

Urge Rep. Corcoran and Sen. Lee to “Market Florida”

Budget negotiations between the Florida House and Senate are winding down. The budget debate now lies in the hands of Rep. Richard Corcoran (R-Lutz) and Sen. Tom  Lee (R-Brandon).

We need your help contacting Rep. Corcoran and Sen. Lee urging them to support the “Market Florida” effort (more information below). Please click the “Take Action Now” button to send these two lawmakers a message in less than a minute.

Important Facts You Need to Know About The “Market Florida” Campaign:

  •  Did you know Florida has the 2nd best business climate in the nation? If we don’t tell people, how will anybody know?
  • The initial proposals from both the House and Senate during the regular legislative session only funded the “Market Florida” effort by 25 percent – or less in the House budget – of our recommended investment.
  • 38 organizations, including chambers of commerce, economic development groups, private-sector businesses and local governments have signed our Market Florida resolution.
  • We can’t afford to have Florida be America’s “best kept secret”— but we need your help to change that!

Take Action Now

Click the “take action now” button to send an email to key legislators in your area. Encourage them to support the “Market Florida” initiative. This will only take a minute.


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